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Mouldings- We stock over 120 standard moulding patterns in Primed , Clear pine, Oak, Fir and primed MDF. We have Crown, Chair Rail, Casing, Base, Shoe, Quarter Round, Lattice, Stool, Sill, Handrail, Porch Rail, Outside Corners, and Rosettes.

We also stock many profiles of pvc mouldings.

Custom Moulding and Trim
We can reproduce historical mouldings to exact reproduction in our facility.
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We have hundreds of patterns of custom mouldings available through our shop; see our display of the custom mouldings in our store. Most of our high quality mouldings are from:


Since our beginnings as a small family-owned business in 1926, we have expanded our offering, honed our craft and cultivated a passion for design and innovation. Our dedication to creating high-quality, finely crafted architectural elements has helped us grow to become the largest supplier and manufacturer of solid wood and composite moulding in North America. And that dedication still drives us today. Learn more about these products.


Learn more about these products.

We also have an extensive trim board inventory including the following:

Clear Primed Board   Select Quality White Pine   #2 Grade White Pine
Yellow Pine- German Lap Siding, 10” and 12” Step Tread and
Tongue and Groove 3” and 4” flooring

Tongue and Groove #2 white pine 1x6 and 5/8”x4” C&Btr fir Wainscoating
1x12 and 1x16 MDF shelving in 12’ lengths

We can also get you many other specialty trim board products, and in other species available by special order.

Many older homes have discontinued profiles, which can cost a lot to replace the mouldings, cabinets or stairs. Our experienced cabinet makers can match your profile or patters and save you loads of time and a lot of money.

Besides having hundreds of patterns for mouldings on file we also specialize in custom mouldings and millwork to match your design needs specifically. You can send us a drawing, picture or bring us a sample of your design and we'll be glad to provide you with a free quote to produce your special product.

The trend in design is more open space and wood accents such as; arches are being used to warm up the area. Popular details that are frequently desired are beams and ceiling trusses; using solid structural timbers, hollow beams or trusses, installed as a finish detail, or recessed bottom beams with panel mouldings that add that finished look and warmth.

Looking for that special or unique element for your design, we can help you? We have over 130 years of custom millwork design services featured in a lot of the important homes in the area. We use only the best woods and we design to your specifications. Our woodwork is like art to us and not just a craft.

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John S. Wilson Lumber Company offers services to contractor and architects as well as for "do it yourselfers". We can design just about any type custom millwork from custom doors, fireplaces, built-in cabinetry to custom window frames and much more. You tell us what you need and provide a drawing and we'll go to work making it just as you planned.


You can depend on us for the best services for your business. Our sales professionals are experts and have years of experience. We also offer structural engineering, architectural design, and custom steel solutions. We have monthly breakfasts/lunches where you can come and meet some of our vendors and learn even more about products we sell in our store. We deliver.. you get prompt accurate delivery on our trucks to your job site. With a fleet of flatbed dump trucks, box vans and trucks with trailers; we can deliver your load from 8' to 48' safely & when you need it!


We're here to help architects and designers spec-out products and provide structural engineering services. Need a special type door or window design? Our custom millwork is the right answer. We can design and run any pattern in almost any species of wood. In short we have the products your client's want.


Our professionally trained staff can help you choose products for all your home improvement project needs. We specialize in windows, doors, decks, and mouldings, but we can also suggest the best product for your project. Are you looking for a Contractor that is reliable we do business with hundreds of contractors daily so we might be able to recommend the best contractor for your project.


Custom millwork is our specialty for over 130 years. You tell us what type of custom moulding you need and we can run mouldings for arches, half rounds, circles or just straight lengths. We have hundreds of patterns of custom arched moulding and we have moulding cutters in stock. You pick the pattern and we can run it in almost any species of wood.


These are just a few of the building products you will find in our store.

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