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We cater to Contractors! Our warehouses on our premises has all the lumber you need for your customer.

Types of Lumber

Kiln Dried Spruce-Pine-Fir (SPF)
1x2 and 1x3 8’ Furring Strips 2x3x8’ studs
2x4 -92 5/8”, 94 ¼”, 8’, 104 5/8”, 10’,12’,14’,16’,20’
2x6- 92 5/8”, 8’, 104 5/8”,10’,12’,14’,16’,18’,20’

SPF Dimensional Framing Lumber - KDHT
Dimensional Pressure Treated Lumber – non CCA
C& Better Ponderosa Pine Boards
#2 Spruce Boards
All Trim Primed Boards
Windsor One primed boards
Western Red Cedar Boards
Fir A/C grade plywood
CDX Sheathing grade plywood
(Other Kinds) Plywood
Interior and Exterior Fire Treated

OSB Sheathing and Underlayment
Advantech Subflooring
TopNotch Subflooring
MDO Plywood
Marine Grade Plywood
Hardwood Plywood
Birch and Lauan Plywood
MDF Sheets
MDF Shelving Boards
Pressure treated fencing boards
Split Rail Fencing
Beveled Cedar Siding

Engineered Lumber
Engineered wood is generally straighter, more stabile and structurally consistent than dimensional lumber. In joist and rafter applications, the reconstituted products are particularly useful because they can span long distances with less sagging than similarly-sized conventional lumber.

Roseburg Rigidlam 2.0 Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL)
1 ¾” x 9 ½” up to 48’ lengths
1 ¾” x 11 7/8” up to 48’ lengths
1 ¾” x 14” up to 48’ lengths
1 ¾”x16” up to 48’ lengths
Also available for order in 18” and 24” widths.

Boise Cascade 2 ½”x11 7/8” I joists in 20’ and 24’ lengths
9 ½”,14”,16”,18”,20” and24” depths up to 48’ long

Parallam Columns, Beams and Timberstrand LSL wall framing
3 ½” x 3 ½” x10’ Parallam Column
3 ½” x 5 ¼” x10’ Parallam Column
5 ¼” x 5 ¼” x 10’ Parallam Column
Many more sizes of Parallam beams available for order
2x6x24’ timberstrand lsl tall wall framing


Full line of cdx and ac grade western fir and yellow plywoods
Oreinted Strand Board(OSB) in various thickness
Tongue and Groove Sturdi-Floor subfloor in both Western Fir and Yellow pine
Engineered Subfloors Advantech from Huber and Top Notch from Louisiana Pacific

Wide variety of Specialty plywoods
Luan Underlayment   Luan Bending Plywood   Asphalt Fiber Sheathing,
Medium Density Fiberboard   Concrete plyform   Homosote
Cabinet Grade birch and oak plywood    Beaded Wainscoating plywood
T-111 siding plywood   LP Smartside t-111 siding   3/8” rough textured (cedar) plywood

Select Quality Rough Textured Cedar Boards in
1x6 1x8 1x12 5/4”x6 5/4”x8 various lengths
Architectural Knotty Grade of Cedar in
2x4 and 2x6 in various

Sidings - 1x6 T&G Std and better v joint
11/16”x8 Premium Knotty bevel lap siding Also in stock 4x4x8’, cedar closet lining,
18” perfection and hand split shingles for roofing and siding.

WE DELIVER - Prompt Accurate Delivery on
Our Trucks to Your Job Site.

lumber Howard Co MD

lumber Howard Co MD

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John S. Wilson Lumber Company offers services to contractor and architects as well as for "do it yourselfers". We can design just about any type custom millwork from custom doors, fireplaces, built-in cabinetry to custom window frames and much more. You tell us what you need and provide a drawing and we'll go to work making it just as you planned.


You can depend on us for the best services for your business. Our sales professionals are experts and have years of experience. We also offer structural engineering, architectural design, and custom steel solutions. We have monthly breakfasts/lunches where you can come and meet some of our vendors and learn even more about products we sell in our store. We deliver.. you get prompt accurate delivery on our trucks to your job site. With a fleet of flatbed dump trucks, box vans and trucks with trailers; we can deliver your load from 8' to 48' safely & when you need it!


We're here to help architects and designers spec-out products and provide structural engineering services. Need a special type door or window design? Our custom millwork is the right answer. We can design and run any pattern in almost any species of wood. In short we have the products your client's want.


Our professionally trained staff can help you choose products for all your home improvement project needs. We specialize in windows, doors, decks, and mouldings, but we can also suggest the best product for your project. Are you looking for a Contractor that is reliable we do business with hundreds of contractors daily so we might be able to recommend the best contractor for your project.


Custom millwork is our specialty for over 130 years. You tell us what type of custom moulding you need and we can run mouldings for arches, half rounds, circles or just straight lengths. We have hundreds of patterns of custom arched moulding and we have moulding cutters in stock. You pick the pattern and we can run it in almost any species of wood.


These are just a few of the building products you will find in our store.

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